• SR Group Co.

    SR Group Co.

    The Group activities spread to the sectors of production, sale and service in different cities of Azerbaijan.

  • Mission


    Our mission is to stimulate the domestic economy of the country and to hold the premise position in socially and environmentally friendly care activities by concentrating on customer wants and desires. Our pride and motivation is the satisfaction of our customers, partners and buyers by providing them with the high quality and reliable services. 

  • Vision


    Our vision is to be a reliable and honorable organization offering the best service and products produced with the advanced technology and high standards in the geography that is currently operating. Our main target is to extend the strategic business areas year by year. 




SR Group LLC owns SR Construction company which is operating since 2012. SR Construction is well -known for its earthquake-resistant buildings and complying with Euro standards.

Nowadays, the organization is the author of many construction projects such as Mercedes-Benz Showroom, Xonça Convention Center, two residence complexes and shopping-mall in Baku. The organization owns SR Concrete Plant to realize these projects.

Xonça Convention Center is a project of SR Construction and planned to be completed by 2015 November. Its area is 40 000 m2 with three big conventional halls in 2 floors. The building is projected to conduct concerts, weddings, elite meetings, events in a large venue. It will be the largest covered conventon hall in Baku.

Roseville Premium Residence (2008-2011) - consisting of 6 buildings locating in 3 hectares area in the greener part of the city. “Roseville Premium Residence” is an example of modern architecture of Baku and supplied with the equipment and construction materials of Turkey, Italy and Germany. 

The buildings decorated with flowers and lined in a special way, have magnificent external view and design. The residance's parking lot with 400 underground spots also ensures the comfort and security of the residents. The separate child Entertainment Park, sport complex as well as massage rooms, saunas, Jacuzzi, rest rooms and open swimming pool will add color to habitants' lives along with providing the residents of the complex with internal service.