• SR Group Co.

    SR Group Co.

    The Group activities spread to the sectors of production, sale and service in different cities of Azerbaijan.

  • Mission


    Our mission is to stimulate the domestic economy of the country and to hold the premise position in socially and environmentally friendly care activities by concentrating on customer wants and desires. Our pride and motivation is the satisfaction of our customers, partners and buyers by providing them with the high quality and reliable services. 

  • Vision


    Our vision is to be a reliable and honorable organization offering the best service and products produced with the advanced technology and high standards in the geography that is currently operating. Our main target is to extend the strategic business areas year by year. 



Food & Beverage

Amazon Cafe is an  entertainment center for the youth and children segments in Baku. The rain-forest style design and layout of this cafe has been created for the comfort of young and also adult segments to live unforgettable moments. The cafe is capable to receive  200 guests and it is in operation since 25 January, 2014. Amazon Café according to its layout style and design is the first and the one in Azerbaijan. Apart from serving food and beverages, its additional services include:

-      game hall;

-      face-makeup;

-      cooking class;

-      toy-store;

-      cinema hall;

You will meet the irreplaceable taste of European cuisine at Amazon Cafe. You can be acquainted with the "Amazon" burgers, pizzas and salads being famous for their delicious flavour in Baku. There is also a children's menu for your children at this cafe.

The Amazon Cafe is ready to accept the orders to organize banquets, birthday parties,special occasions. It is open daily from 10.00 till 23.00.

Address: Kazim Kazimzade street, RoseVille complex, (near the Baku Zoo), 1001 Baku

Phone:  012 488 15 48

Mobile: + 994 50 207 51 11